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Jennifer "TattooedP!NK"

Jennifer's Webpage can be viewed here

Namýk Barýþ ÝDÝL

Baþkent University, Science and Computer Technologies Faculty, Computer
Engineering Department

I am a scientist, a writer and a computer engineer so I transfer all her videos to my computer and I use at least ten diferent computer program in order to find how many tatoo she has got. I freeze the video, I divide it to parcels and I had to look at least a million times to these parcels and I had to reconect them to find what I want. To a clear view of her tattos, I had to use a program that really expensive. I did these for about two months. I only sleep 3 or 4 hours a day, I try to pass my exams also so it was a very hard 2 months. Now I have been trying to find her home adress for abou!
t 1 month. Is that enough to be her dedicated fan? I have no photos thats why I cannot sent you. Please add me. Secondly, whether add me or not, please at least add my these sentence about P!NK:
'I hope P!NK did not hurt when she was falling from heaven.'

Read his article P!NK 'The Real Angel'

Charlotte - Tattooed

I decided to get tattooed after i saw pink in cleveland, ohio on august 13th ( i flew from england to see her! ) It was after seeing pink that changed my life, as she saved me from myself, and in many ways my life. For this i can never thank her enough. Although people say i will regret it, i know i won't. I hope to show pink one day an persoanlly thank her for being such a great inspiration to me an every other pink fan. Pink you rock babe!!!! xxxxx

Rhian Wilson

I haven`t got a tattoo or pink hair and I don`t stalk her either but I just love her music! She has been such an inspiration to me for my own songwriting and singing and has helped me through a lot of rough times just by singing about her own. I am so grateful to her for goin out there and being who she is - if she hadn`t done that I wouldn`t be who I am

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