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Taking Charge
Las Vegas Review-Journal (05.3.02)
Pink's Red-Letter Day
Arizona Republic (05.2.02)
Straight From the Streets
Capricho magazine (04.21.02)
Colorful World of Pink
Rolling Stone (04.25.02)
Red Hot & Pink
Teen People (Apr '02)
Top of the Pops magazine
(Mar. '02)
Yam! magazine
(Feb. '02)
Howard Stern appearance
Chat transcript
AOL (11.21.01)
3 Radio Interviews
Kiss 92, Toronto (6.20.00, 10.17.00, 11.15.01)
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Sonicnet transcript (Nov. '01)
Colorful Pink 'goes for it' on new album
USA Today (11.22.01)
There's More Than One Color to Pink
BMG (Nov. '01)
A Rockier Shade of Pink
NY Daily News (11.11.01)
Wild Things
TV Guide (08.04.01)
We All Don't Have To Be Blonde and Pretty
Florida Times-Union (02.07.01)
chat transcript (01.29.01)
Pink Panther (Jan. '01)
Pink Talks
NME (Jan. '01)
Count Me In magazine (Jan. '01)
Talk Show Transcript
Politically Incorrect (1.5.01)
Tickled Pink: White-Hot R&B Artist Sees Red
MC2 magazine (Sept. '00)
Pink Lady
What magazine (June '00)
Fuschia Pop (5.25.00)
There Pink Goes! (Apr.-May '00)
The Rap on the Singer who Calls Herself Pink
Philadelphia Inquirer (4.5.00)
Chat Transcript
MSN (4.3.00)
Pink in the Middle
diG magazine ('00)
Tickled Pink
Link magazine (Feb.-Mar. '00)

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